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Studies & Reports

Studies & Reports

Condition Assessment

Value Engineering

Building Audits

Facility Programming

Feasibility Studies

Investigations and Studies

Contract Administration

Contract Administration

Quality Assurance



Tendering and Tender Evaluation

Post Occupancy Review







Sustainable Design

Interior Design

Building Permit



Development Permit Application

Master Planning (urban, university, etc.)

Visioning Workshops

Stakeholder Consultation Strategies

Public Meeting/Town Hall

Council Presentations and Consultation

Development Permit Application

We have considerable experience in managing external approvals. As the prime consultant for major  renovation and expansion projects, our team has managed to overcome the unusually long Site Plan  Approval process. Meeting face to face with numerous departments to overcome delays have proved  effective in reducing our approvals process significantly.

Facility Programming, Needs Assessments and Community Consultations

We know from our previous Needs Assessments and Feasibility Studies that engaging and  communicating with user groups are key for the success of the project. The ability to deal with multiple  stakeholders and diverse public demographics is a skill that our design team have.


We offer full Architectural services

ElaArc is a full‐service architectural firm providing architectural services to its clients from planning, schematic design, design development,  contract documents, construction and commissioning as well as interior design services. With our unique working approach, iterative process, and integrated and collaborative design approach,  we ensure that the final results are above and beyond our client’s expectations as well as ensuring that  the project budget and schedule goals are satisfied.

Feasibility Studies, Building Assessments/Building Audits

Our team has extensive experience in preparing Feasibility Studies and Condition  Assessments. We know that aging infrastructure and systems nearing the end of their useful life mostly have ceased to serve the needs they were originally established to fill. Our team takes great responsibility in making  recommendations for direction on how to invest limited resources in a manner that maximizes benefit for the owner, investors and users.

Prime Consultant duties and Project Management services

Our team acknowledges that clearly understanding the client’s needs and vision will allow us to work and  allocate the budget in a way that puts the most emphasis on critical issues necessary for the success of  the project. Our management approach is unique, and it starts from the project kick‐off meeting and continues to  the end of the project. The Project is monitored aggressively throughout the life of the project  to ensure that the project is delivered on time and on budget. Our team conducts regular internal reviews to prioritize project objectives and set key project  milestones including critical decision dates.

Master Planning

Public meeting/town hall, council presentations and consultation

Visioning workshops / public meetings / stakeholder consultation strategies;

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